DNH // Live //THE 1969 CLUB-25.01.2017


DNH // Live //THE 1969 CLUB
WHEN//  H.22,30
WHERE// DeLiri Cafè Bistrot
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THE 1969 Club@ DeLiri Music Hotel°°°
Mercoledì, 25 Gennaio 2017 h.22,30

«Il calore, il potere e la furia» dovrebbe essere la massima che descrive i The 1969 Club
The 1969 Club arrivano in tour in Italia da Rennes, nel nord della Francia per presentare il loro primo album “AYAHUASCA” registrato in Inghilterra da Mike Lord (già al lavoro con Nick Cave) al Brighton Electric Studio.

Bandcamp : the-1969-club.bandcamp.com
Tw itter : twitter.com/THE1969CLUB Facebook : www.facebook.com/THE1969CLUB Les

« Erotic year ? Rather explosive year : the surname of the Britons was inspired by Stooges’ song. The three pieces band from Rennes, delivers an explosive chapter of punk rock since last half decade, led by their fascinating singer-bassist. Powerful guitars and epic legacy of the New York Dolls or MC5 : The 1969 Club plays the sentimental spirit.» Les Inrocks
«Set as group name «1969», is like choosing the year 1977 but claiming the soul in the punk rock as the genesis of the garage-rock of the MC5. Good name can not lie, The 1969 Club product a soul-punk that has nothing to envy the Dirtbombs or Bellrays.» Arte Live Web
«Like many other recent bands, The 1969 Club was permanently marked by the White Stripes. Two years after his debut, his second EP impose a hypnotic rock style and modern garage, as comfortable in sealed tempos («Waves») than in more tonic convulsions («We Are Back from the Hell»), led by a feminime spirited voice well supported by rhythmic and inspired guitar.»
R o c k’n’ Fo l k
“By contrast, up-and-comers The 1969 Club have bugger all original about them either, but they carry off their rock pastiche with such flair and charisma that it doesn’t matter one little bit. Pilfering liberally from the MC5, Led Zeppelin, The Cramps, Black Sabbath, The Ramones, and even The Gossip, they make a deliriously infectious classic rock-meets-punk racket, all call-and-response vocals and shouty, fist-pumping enthusiasm. It just goes to show that there is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing your influences on your sleeve, or indeed with wholesale appropriation of the style, riffs and attitudes of your favourite bands – you just have to do it with a bit of panache. Anyone looking for a traditional rock and roll fix that would still put the shits up Mum and Dad if played loud enough would be well advised to seek these Rennes-based pranksters out with all due haste.” The Skinny

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